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Portable Cellulite Massage Machine

Portable Cellulite Massage Machine in Action

From Verseo


Portable Cellulite Massage Machine

Reduce cellulite

Here we have a fine weapon in the cellulite reduction arsenal. This massager uses vibration and heat to directly stimulate the subcutaneous layer where cellulite lies, helping to dissolve fat. This massage tool is similar to what you find at the spa when you sign-up for an endermologie massage, and as we all know that such massages are temporary, you'll have to go back again and again to get your cellulite spot-fixed. So why not just own the massager?

Product details:

  • uses heat and ultrasound to breakdown fat below the skin.
  • the treatment head is a few square centimeters large, designed for treating small regions directly and conveniently.
  • Portable, so you can carry it around with you in your purse, bring it along on vacations, etc.

    Note: We've partnered with Verseo to bring you this cellulite massage system. Click here to purchase it from their site.

    User's Guide (pdf)