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Endermologie LipoMassage Machines for Cellulite

Endermologie machines explained

Endermologie is the non-surgical application of mechanized rollers and suction cups to areas of cellulite; the rollers are moved in a massage-like motion causes the breakdown of fat cells by stimulating circulation to the area, in turn creating a more toned effect in some people. But in the end Endermologie is just a massage, and like ordinary massage it is only a temporary cellulite reduction technique.

The Endermologie Body Suit

Once you sign up you will be issued an Endermologie body suit (cost to you, $40). This is a thin sheath made of material designed to resist the rolling/folding motion of the machine. The body suit insures hygiene, while also allowing the machine to glide more easily over your body. The suit also serves to prevent dead skin cells from passing into the machine. Body suits are similar to panty hose in terms of constituents, so durability can be an issue. Expect the body suit to last about ten sessions, at which point you have to buy a new one.

The Endermologie Regimen

Each endermologie session lasts thirty minutes. You are expected to show up at the specialist's office one to two times per week until the desired cellulite reduction level is reached. On average this usually means 15-18 treatments, sometimes more. There is a certain plateau one can reach, however the specialist sometimes won't say a word and let you continue coming and spending your dollars. And again because the treatment is in itself temporary, monthly maintenance sessions are required thereafter. The cost per session is $60 to $90.

You can also buy your own Endermologie machine from Ebay. Expect to pay between $3000-$16000 (used).

Or visit our anti-cellulite products section, where we sell portable ultrasound cellulite massagers for under $300.

Effectiveness of Endermologie

Not everyone will benefit from an Endermologie cellulite reduction regimen. Like massage, the result depends much on the experience of the technician conducting the endermologie therapy. Just because you're using a machine, doesn't mean you can't apply too much pressure or too little. Also, if you aren't on a cellulite fitness regimen, the results will probably be disappointing.

If you want to try this treatment that is purportedly a favorite of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paris Hilton, your best bet is to search Google to find an endermologie massage specialist near you. Use your city or state as part of the search, for example 'los angeles endermologie' or 'calgary endermologie'