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Reducing Cellulite Through Exercise & Diet

A guaranteed way of reducing cellulite is by following a controlled diet and exercise plan. As cellulite is just fatty tissue, it will gradually be burned off along with the rest of the body fat.

There are other ways to improve your progress. We've compiled a Ten-Step Plan to reducing cellulite. If you follow these steps, your cellulite visibility will drop tenfold.

Ten-Step Plan to Reduce Cellulite:

1.Drink 8-10 glasses of water each and every day and elimiate most other drinks from your diet, especially soda (even the zero-cal ones); also avoid coffee - java junkies restrict yourself to a cup of coffee a day. Increasing the intake of water helps cleanse the system and flush out damaging toxins. Use in conjuction with step 6 below for a double toxin-fighting whammy

2. Smokers should stop smoking or at least cut-back, as smoking impacts negatively on the capillaries in the skin.

3. Cut way back on sugar. In fact, the only sugar you should be getting is from granola bars (the healthy ones, not the extra sugar-laden ones).

4. Reducing stress will also help reduce the amount of cellulite, as stress releases cortisol, a fat storing hormone. Take yoga classes, learn deep-chest (lower diaphragm) breathing, meditate.

5. Avoid junk food. This means fast-food, donuts, and anything processed.

6. Wear loose clothing. Tight clothes can impair circulation, which may be a factor in cellulite development.

7. Start on an aerobic exercise program (if you aren't already on one). Spin cycling classes are great, as are dancing classes (really shake it!). For the more adventurous there's always pole dancing.

8. Start taking eggplant. Many phytonutrients, phenolic compounds and flavonoids are present in eggplant, which helps in reducing toxins inside the body. Here's what we recommend: Dice up an eggplant and let it soak in one quart of water overnight. The next morning transfer the water to a one-quart drinking bottle or thermos and then sip that eggplant-soaked water throughout the day, pacing yourself so that you finish by the end of the day. Do this for at least 3 weeks and then rest for a week before starting again.

9. Invest in anti-cellulite creams and firming wraps. If you don't use creams, at the very least add sage, cypress, or juniper oils to your bathwater (these are the major ingredients in many creams).

10. Find a self-tanning lotion that works well with your skin, and put a little bit on your legs. Not only will this reduce the appearance of cellulite, your legs will look more athletic. Have a care though: too dark a tan can sometimes make cellulite look worse, so always aim for a lighter tan.

Stick with the above and eventually your cellulite will become less and less noticeable. Friends and family will be coming to you for advice, strangers will look twice.

If you'd like to learn more about exercising for fat loss in general, we recommend Fat Loss For Idiots. It details complete lifestyle changes from the foods you should eat to the frequency and type of exercises you should do. Also we'd be remiss for not mentioning the famous Fat Burning Nutrition 'Bible.'