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Cellulite Wrap

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Utilizing Body Wraps to Control Cellulite

Body Wraps explained

First a bit of an explanation.

Body wraps do not shrink or burn body fat. I'll say again. Body wraps do not shrink or burn body fat. It doesn't matter if it's a sauna strap that goes around the waist, or a towel that goes around the leg, or if it's a body wrap soaked in vitamins, enzymes, minerals, foil, vinyl, seaweed, clay, mud, or the 11 herbs and spices. Body wraps do not burn or shrink a single ounce of fat.

There, now that we've gotten that out of the way, what exactly do body wraps do then?

Fluid loss.

Yes, you can in fact lose inches by applying a body wrap. However, it's all water weight.

That said, wraps do work. They are actually extremely effective in combating cellulite, especially in the four or five hours after you use them. They'll reduce your waistline along with your cellulite. You'll get it back in several hours of rehydration of course. But that might be all you need. It's great for example if you're taking a daytrip to the beach: get up early that morning, apply the wrap, and you're good to go for the day.

Cost of Body Wraps

Wraps are a relatively low-cost solution, especially if you only need to use a wrap once or twice a week. A quality wrap kit costs at least $60, which lasts for 4 sessions, or $15 / session. This compares to a wrap in a salon, which usually will set you back $100-$200 per session. When used in conjunction with cellulite exercise, you'll have a cellulite killer on your hands. Check out the Super Skinni Cellulite Body Wrap, a high quality wrap we carry in stock.